Here you can find a curated list of tools and websites I strongly recommend for any film editor and filmmaker. I have tested almost every recommendation on this page. Many of the resources listed here are what I use on a daily basis.

Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links. Please understand that I have experience with these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

In the Blink of an Eye

An extraordinary book about editing. A must-read for any filmmaker.


REV is a captioning and subtitling service I use both for myself and for my clients.

A great tool for sharing assets, video collaboration, and client feedback.


It's a place where world class directors, actors, musicians, chefs, etc. share insights into their craft.

Inside the Edit

The revolutionary online editing course that teaches you the art of editing.

Creative Cloud Apps

Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and other apps from a world leadinf ecosystem for creators of any type.

On Directing Film

It's a transcript of David Mamet's lectures about what film directing is all about.

One of my favorite filmmaking books.

Art of the Cut

Conversations Stave Hullfish had with film and TV editors.

Organized and categorized into specific topics.

Not a book you read with one breath but if you're into film or TV editing, you can learn a lot from it.

Rebel without a Crew

Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player.

Making Movies

It's a book about a craft of directing films in the Hollywood system. Written by a legendary director, Sidney Lumet.

The Go-To Editor

It's an online course created by Sven Pape (aka This Guy Edits) with focus on Film Editing, Storytelling, and Career Strategies.

You also get practise footage from a real feature film which is very unique.

Monogram Creative Consol

Modular hardware that will speed up your creative process.

Loupedeck CT

The Custom Editing Console for Photo, Video, Music and Design

Elgato Stream Deck

Live Content Creation Controller with 15 Customizable LCD Keys.

Perfect for running Premiere Pro (or other NLE's) macros.

Envato Elements

Very affordable source of stock assets including videos, photos, graphics, animation templates, etc.

ERA5 audio repair plugins

The fastest audio repair solution for sound professionals.

Watch my overview here and here.

EVO Shared Storage

Studio Network Solutions helps editors around the globe by changing the way they store, organize, and share their media. 

They offer high quality Shared Storage Hardware and very reliable Media Management software. Plus integrations for both with your NLE. Including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid and Resolve. 


Affordable stock footage platform with the easiest licencing terms on the market.

Envato Elements

In one simple and very affordable subscription, you get over 990,000 assets including stock footage, photos, music, graphics, templates, sound effects, and even tuts+ courses!

Film Convert Nitrate

Nitrate from FilmConvert is the best color plugin I've ever used. I started using it last year and now I'll drop it on the timeline for each project I'm working on. The promo code 'CUTTOTHEPOINT' will give you 10% off.


Soundly is an app for managing Sound Effects. Pro version comes with a massive sounds library.


Kyno is the best MAM (Media Asset Management) app I've ever seen. Makes logging and transcoding a pleasure. Watch my videos about Kyno here.


Artlist is a music service I use this year. If you sign up through my link will get 2 extra months on your subscription.


MailerLite is an email provider I use. In my opinion, it's as good as more expensive alternatives like MailChimp, etc. If you're running any business online, you should give it a go.


Bonjoro is an app I started to use recently for welcoming my Patreon supporters. It makes the job of sending a personalized video extremely easy.


video editing course
Enroll in the Editing Chef program
Learn how to boost editing efficiency and build a habit of deep work in your editing bay.

It includes: 
- 33 short and concise lessons that fill over 3 hours of video content (plus any future updates),
- regular live sessions,
- the Discord community where you can connect with like-minded editors from around the world,
- short PDFs, worksheets with the main takeaways from some of the lessons,
- action steps that will help you implement your new knowledge into your everyday life.
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