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Kyno on steroids (1.8 release)

Kyno 1.8 will be most useful for Blackmagic Design fans but all users will appreciate Incremental Transcoding and some of the other updates. Here's a video I made about the features I consider to be most relevant to most people including myself. Full List of Updates Blackmagic RAW support Playback and transcoding for Blackmagic RAW […]

All about Productions Workflow (Premiere Pro 14.1)

'Productions' is the next stage in the evolution of a project file. And while the most benefits are for teams of editors working on shared storage, even solo editors may find it very useful. I week ago I published a video overview of that new feature. I need to admit, that it's hard to explain […]

What’s New in Premiere Pro CC 2020

Premiere Pro CC 2020 is finally here. The biggest new feature is unarguably Auto Reframe. Is it really as good as advertised? What else do we get in version 14.0? I’m editing in Premiere Pro from my first days in this industry and I’m always excited when my NLE gets more powerful. So obviously I’m […]

How to Organize Motion Graphics Templates in Premiere Pro

Motion Graphics Templates in Essential Graphics panel are a great feature that allows you to use and edit After Effects level motion graphics without ever leaving Premiere Pro. However, there’s still much improvement to be done here. The panel gets messy very quickly. Especially if you have a lot of templates. Today I’ll share with […]

All Filmmakers Need to Know About Kyno

Kyno from Lesspain Software is all-in-one Media Management App. It also has some really powerful features and it’s used by professional filmmakers as:- Media storage browser- File organizer- Universal player- Logging/Metadata editing tool- Multi-purpose production assistant- Converter (transcoding & rewrapping) I’d say that it’s an App for anything you may need to do before you […]

Am I the worst Go-To Editor Student?

Have you ever felt like the worst student ever? Maybe at the maths class in a high school or at PE when running for a mile? A few months ago I was one of the first to sign up for This Guy Edits’ course “The Go-To Editor”.  As soon as I could I watched a […]

Support me at Patreon

What's in it for me? That's the question we ask ourselves EVERY SINGLE DAY. When you watch any YouTube video your subconscious mind will ask that question. When you have a potential client talking with you about a new project. When you want to make a YouTube video yourself. Have I asked myself that question […]

What's new in Premiere Pro 13.1.3 (July 2019 release)

Today Adobe released Premiere Pro 13.1.3. There aren’t any game-changing new features in this build but still, a few improvements that are nice to see and some bug fixes which hopefully will solve some stability issues for some of us. Section for Graphics in Effects Control Panel Second relevant update for all Premiere Pro users […]


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