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Tribeca Film Editors on Enhancing Editing Workflows in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro, Adobe's powerful video editing software, serves as a key tool for film editors in bringing their creative visions to life. To gain further insights into the experiences and techniques of professional editors, we reached out to Russell Sheaffer, Sarah Taylor, and Kelly Kendrick, who graciously shared their perspectives on various aspects of working […]

Premiere Pro 22.3 is here and it's a step... forward?

Premiere Pro 22.3 is here and it introduces some changes that will definitely push away some season editors. So I thought I'd share my perspective on the new release. I hope you find it helpful. 1. This release brings the first stage of native integration into Adobe's ecosystem. And that's great news for most of […]

What’s so special about Jim Cummings’ The Beta Test

In March 2021, I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing Jim Cummings, director of Thunder Road, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, and most recently, The Beta Test. His style, acting style, unconventional dialogues, and most importantly his amazing films made him a huge inspiration, not only to me, but to countless emerging filmmakers.  Jim constantly […]

Can you postpone your editing career?

Do you know what is the best and the worst part of running a YT channel? That I feel obligated to provide you value in some way. Usually, in a form of regularly uploaded YT videos. Right... regularly 🙂 The truth is I'm unable to post regularly at the moment. I had a bunch of […]

What's New in Premiere Pro 2021 (15.0)

The title says it all - Premiere Pro 15.0 is here. There are a few new features in Adobe's video ecosystem and I think of it as my duty to let you know about them, together with my commentary 🙂 1. New Captions Workflow Meaning the new Text panel I already talked about in the […]

Can someone be successful being an editor only?

Is it possible to be successful strictly as an editor? Or do you have to be kind of 'Jack of all trades'? That question was asked by Ricardo, the Editing Chef student, during our third live session in the course.  You may have found yourself in a situation when a client asks if you can […]

Everything you need to know about Audition’s Remix feature

This is an extract from The Editing Chef. While it can always be done manually, Audition’s remix feature uses powerful AI to shorten or lengthen virtually any piece of instrumental* music. Because it can save a lot of work, or whenever you are stuck trying manually (or simply arrhythmic), it’s often worth a try. Often […]

It used to be the WORST Premiere Pro panel. NOT ANYMORE!

The old Captions panel was in not only my opinion the worst panel in Premiere Pro. Very buggy and you couldn’t rely on a solid performance within it. So as far as I understand they will deprecate the old panel and replace it with a brand new Text panel. It will actually have 2 sections. […]


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