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Why film?

Although I would consider myself, today, to be a professional film editor, my career began on a very different path. In fact, it wasn’t until after I received a master’s in Civil Engineering that I realized the two things that would change my life: one was that I hated academia, and the other, that I loved film.

My philosophy

Instead of pursuing film school, like many in the field, I decided to take to heart the words of the great filmmaker, David Mamet, when he said,

There are only three ways to learn how to make a movie:

  • On the movie set
  • When editing movies
  • Observing the reaction of spectators

This advice has become central to how I think about my work, while convincing me that my real education would come, not in a classroom, but from my hands-on experience in the field.  

I’ve also been influenced by Akira Kurosawa and Werner Herzog who encourage filmmakers to enrich their work by reading constantly and living fully. After all, when we remind ourselves to look around, we realize that stories are everywhere. In my current role, I love helping others find the perfect way to tell their story, and I look forward to someday putting my ideas on the big screen as well.

How can I help you?

As a form of language, film has the power to engage a person and communicate a powerful message. I’m here to help strengthen the impact of your movie. Wherever you live in the world, I’m ready to connect and help you put together an amazing final product!

In terms of my professional experience, I’ve spent the last five years editing movies and teaching others to craft their own. Based on my experience, I’ve also been asked to lecture on video content creation at several in-person events. In addition to that, I am a writer for, and of course, I happily dedicate a large chunk of my time to my YouTube channel.

Here are the three main areas in which I can provide assistance.

Video Editing Consultations

I can collaborate with you on short films, documentaries, video campaigns, and video marketing, at any point in the process. So, whether you’re in the early stages of developing the concept and scenario, or need a consultation with post-production editing, I’m here to help!

Most of my consultations are for YouTube creators, freelancers, and really anyone looking to enhance their skills. It can be a huge asset to have someone with a background in editing to serve as a second pair of eyes or answer any questions you have during the process.

Video Editing Services

After several years of working as an editor in the field, I continue to seek out projects in which I can use my experience and creative eye to help create a film or video. I believe thoughtful editing can bring the story to life exactly as the filmmaker envisions, and my clients have shared their appreciation for the way I make storytelling central to my work.

As you can see in the testimonial, I enjoy working with clients all over the world. Whether they’re based a few hours away or on the other side of the world, I know how important it is to make myself available for frequent communication and collaboration.

If you are interested in working together on a project, feel free to reach out!

Assets for Video Creation

Over the years, I’ve learned that investment in gaining video editing knowledge is crucial to becoming the editor that you want to be. After doing this work for so long, I’ve consolidated a lot of what I’ve learned in order to share it with aspiring video creators. I can offer resources and advice, like lower third templates, presets, FEES, and even individual film editing lessons.

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