Bulletproof Premiere Pro [eBook]

If you struggle with Premiere Pro not behaving as it should then you know how frustrating that can be and how much editing time you’re wasting due to these issues. I’ve written an eBook that will hopefully solve your problems.

After I published my videos about 2019 release of Premiere Pro, many people would say that they won’t upgrade because Premiere won’t be stable in the new version. I feel the pain but this mindset comes from 2 places. From wrong upgrade process and from editing workflow itself. 

In my experience, many editors with good workflow say that Premiere Pro is a very stable program. It is for me as well. There’s a set of practices that are common for most of the good editing workflows. If you don’t know them the chance is that you’re getting frustrated and that you’ll soon complain that it’s crashing all of the time. In this case, you’ll lose the time for troubleshooting for many projects and down the road, it will cost you not only time but eventually money. The more projects you’re involved in the more you’ll lose. And if you decide to switch to a different editing platform just to discover that it’s not crashproof that’s even more wasted time and money.

I’ve gathered together all of my good practices I’ve learned down the road during editing for a full time and during my freelance work. I’ve also asked some editor friends for their advice and compiled together almost 30 pages of best practices for editing in Premiere Pro

I edit almost every day and in 2018 I’ve worked on Premiere Pro CC 2017, CC 2018 and CC 2019 and I think I’ve choked my machine for good about 3 to 5 times. And most of the time it was my mistake and deviation from the system I provide in the eBook. I know I’m not alone but seeing so many people having issues with Premiere, it feels alone. My goal with this eBook is simple. I want you to take an hour of the time, read through it and highlight sections that may require action on your end. Deal with these sections later and be one of happy, safe, and well-sleeping editors. It will change the way you work and the way you spend the time on actual edit.  


  1. Introduction
  2. Good practices for upgrading the software
  3. GPU settings
  4. Other Hardware
  5. Importing assets
  6. Assets management
  7. Cache Files Management
  8. Working with Stills and Motion Graphics
  9. Editing codecs
  10. Proxies
  11. Sequence settings
  12. Effects
  13. Autosaving and project versioning
  14. Conclusion

The eBook costs $19. If you’re making this amount of money in an hour, it will literally pay for itself if its content can save you more time in the future. Especially when working on tight deadline project. And I’m pretty sure that during the scope of year it will save you at least a whole day.

Click the button below to order your copy. There’s 14 days money-back guarantee if for any reason you think that you haven’t learned anything (though I doubt it will be a case).